Does your computer run slower than it should or completely freeze occasionally?

Does your pc take longer than 5 minutes to boot up and/or shut down?

Do you get random pop-ups or error messages that you do not understand?

Do you think you have a virus or other malware that is taking over your computer?

Does your internet connection seem slower than it should be?

Do you have trouble with your home network or getting the different machines and devices in your house to communicate with each other?

Do you need someone to set up your wireless network so that it secure and reliable?

Do you need help setting up your wired or wireless network?  Do you need a virtual private network (VPN) connection setup so you can access computers and files remotely?

Would you like to be able to print documents from your laptop without having to walk across the house and unplug it from one computer to another?

Would you like to be able to share files between the multiple computers in your house?

Have you ever wanted to watch movies, videos or slideshows from your computer on your TV?

Have you ever wanted to listen to the music collection on your computer through your stereo system?

Do you have multiple remote controls – one for your TV, one for your stereo receiver, one for your cable box or DVR, one for you DVD, etc. and would like to be able to use a single remote to control all of these devices?

If you need your home or small office network set up so that you can share files and printers securely between computers or stream music and video to your surround sound receiver and television, contact me today.


If you experience these or any other computer or technology related problems, Martin Technology Solutions can help.


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