Posted by: Joshua Daves Martin | March 15, 2011

Services Offered by Martin Technology Solutions

At Martin Technology Solutions, we offer comprehensive computer troubleshooting services for Windows systems. We will fix all your software and hardware related computer problems and will speed up your pc by eliminating all the unnecessary programs that run in the background and slow down your computer. We will clean all the junk, malware, adware and viruses from your computers and get your machines running like new again!

The professionals at Martin Technology Solutions can setup your wireless network so that is reliable and capable of sharing files and printers securely across the network. With file and printer sharing properly configured on your wired or wireless network, you can stream music, videos and data from a source, (such as a desktop computer, server or network attached hard drive) to other devices on your network (laptops, televisions, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, video game systems, etc.)

We can hook up your computer to your TV and stereo so that you can enjoy all of your media without being restricted to that small PC monitor and quiet computer speakers. We can even build you a customized HTPC (Home Theater PC) to be used as a media server. Martin Technology Solutions also offers HDTV and surround sound installation, and digital video recorder (DVR) setup. Don’t have a DVR? We can turn your computer into a DVR so that you can record your favorite TV shows and movies to your computer without paying a subscription fee to TiVo or your cable provider!

Martin Technology Solutions has the expertise to program your universal remotes to control multiple electronic devices, as opposed to the one they came with. We can install your DVD/Blu-ray player, TiVo/DVR and gaming devices, and connect them to your PC, television and surround sound receiver for the ultimate home theater experience!


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