I am a recent Clemson graduate with a mechanical engineering degree and extensive knowledge of computers, electronics and technology. I am passionate about sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency and the technologies that enable us to live more sustainably. In 2010, I realized my niche for solving computer and electronics problems could fund my search for an energy engineering position out west. In 2011, Martin Technology Solutions (JMTSolutions) was created to provide computer repair services and home theater installations, along with sustainability and technology consulting services to individuals and small businesses in Greenville, SC and the surrounding area.

Over the past few years, my involvement with several small businesses, such as Our Motivation for Change (http://omfchange.com), HAMCO Greenville (http://hamcogreenvile.com/) and Keys Natural Images (http://keysni.com) and Caldwell Consulting has inspired me to learn a lot about social marketing. Specifically, it has driven me to learn how to utilize social media to increase revenue and sales by driving traffic to a company’s website and developing a good, targeted fan base. Because of this knowledge and experience, Martin Technology Solutions will begin offering social marketing consulting services for small businesses in 2011.

I offer friendly service, free estimates and complimentary house calls! Contact Martin Technology Solutions for all your computer, electronics, sustainable technology and social marketing needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely pleased with the service(s) that I provide, or if something goes wrong after I finish the job, I will revisit you free of charge and work on it until the problem is solved. Do not hesitate, send an email to jmartintechnologysolutions@gmail.com or call Josh at 864-416-1536 today!


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